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BOX 13 ArtSpace is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization recognized by the IRS. All donations are tax deductible. The artist members of BOX 13 request your generous donation to help support our exhibition spaces and keep studio costs affordable. We need all the help we can get to keep this dream of BOX 13 growing. No donation amount is too small and any amount is greatly appreciated.

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BOX Amigos 2008 – current

Muhammad Ali $1,000+
Jack & Molly Bradford
Rebecca Henderson
Jane Schmitt

Tiffany Box $500+
Thomas Bacon
Molly Bradford
Ann Daughety
Candy & Jerry Schlief
Scott Sparvero

Music Box $250+
Bill Arning & Mark McCray
Robert Boyd
Jereann Chaney
Mike Chesser
Greg Clark
Amy Dinn & Jack Goldstein
G Gallery
Ann Harithas
Ralph and Barbara Henderson
Charles Dee Mitchell
Maxwell Morgan
Martha Peet
Ken Schatz
Albert & Patricia Stirling
Anonymous Amigo

Indiegogo Boost the BOX! $200+
Bill Arning
Tom Bacon
Mary Barone
Robert Boyd
Molly Bradford
Leon Ellison
David McClain
Martha Peet
JoAnn Takasaki & Chris Jarzombek
Jill Whitten and Rob Proctor
Anne Whitlock
Paul Williamson
Paul & Ann Zeigler

Pine Box $100+
Kenneth Baumann
Vernon Caldera – Left Brain Right Brain Design
Paul & Mairi K. Cox
Doddman Gallery
Brad and Lucida Fleming
Bill & Joan Ford
Lorraine & Rich Geist
Wayne & Beverly Gilbert
Dan & Mina Graur
Dennis Harper
Jan Arthur Harrell
Mary Hawkins
Mary Magsamen & Stephan Hillerbrand
Michael & Maria Cristina Jadick
Toby Kamps
Beverley Kopp
Anne Lawrence
Victoria & Marshal Lightman
Cory Lowder
Shirley & George Matula
BethLynn Maxwell
David McClain
Debbie McNulty & Dean Ruck
Betty Moody/Moody Gallery
Elizabeth Murray
Dan & Robin Nance
Alan & Karen Peacock
James Rosenheim
Timothy Sanders
Claudia Schmuckli
Richard Sheeren – Disceaux Dicki Enterprises
Cecelia Thompson
Christine West
Tom Young
Anonymous Amigo
Anonymous Amigo
Anonymous Amigo

Cardboard Box $50+
Martin and Cynthia Amorus
Heather Bause
Ingrid & Mauricio Bandeira Teixeira
Elaine Bradford
Judy Braselton
Edward Cooper
Alex Irvine
Sharon Engelstein
Leslie Entsminger
Mike Farrar
Rebecca Finley
Paula Geran & Barbara Stead
Michael Henderson
Kathy Kelley
Gus Kopriva
David Lake
Kristine Larson
Pat Lawler
Robyn Lehmer
Karin & Anthony Lekas
Emily Link
Jennifer McNichols
Dennis Nance
Lauren Nance
Donna Perkins
Jere Pfister
Michael & Martha Powell
Diana Salles
Jenni Rebecca Stephenson
Timothy & Florence Tracz
Johnny & Beverly Vanover
Robert Westendarp
Mat Wolff
Bonnie Young
Deb & Chuck Zumbrun
Anonymous Amigo
Anonymous Amigo

Sweat Box [volunteers]
JoAnn Park
Troy Stanley

Mystery Box [in-kind]
Tom, Laura and Drew Bacon
Copy.comSaint Arnold Brewing Company
Supreme Value
Jeff Trevino




All donations go to promote, operate, and maintain the BOX exhibition spaces and events. BOX 13 is a nonprofit corporation and is 501c3 status with the IRS.

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