Delta | Kevin Link

November 6th, 2016  |  Published in EXHIBITIONS, PAST EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS

November 19, 2016 – January 7, 2017 Exhibitions
Opening Reception Saturday, November 19, 2016, 7 – 9PM
Delta | Kevin Link

Delta | Kevin Link

Delta | Kevin Link
Window BOX

Too often the brain’s operation is discussed in binary terms: conscious or unconscious, awake or asleep, on or off. However, medical science has uncovered five dominant brainwave patterns-as measured by electroencephalography (EEG) – which the human brain assumes during different stages of development, stimulation, and consciousness.Between 0 and 4 hertz, Delta brainwaves are the slowest yet deepest frequency of brainwaves measured in humans. These mysterious brainwaves first appear in infancy but remain crucial into adulthood, primarily generating in states of deep dreamless sleep. However, modern mediators and mystics claim certain techniques can aid in achieving Delta patterns in a waking state, and believe this brainwave accelerates healing, spurs psychic development, and grants access to the collective unconscious.Kevin Link’s installation, Delta, transforms the BOX 13 storefront into a brain entrainment device. The front windows will be layered with intricate, abstract patterns applied via UV-reactive vinyl and lit by a blacklight pulsing at 0.3 hertz. The installation attempts to bait the viewer to linger, gaze, and engage in a moment of meditation on the state of their own waking consciousness and its counterpart – the void of unconsciousness that science has labelled and studied, but may yet to fully understand.

Kevin Link was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and lived the latter half of his childhood in Houston, Texas. In 2010 he graduated from Beloit College with a BA in Studio Art, Rhetoric, and Creative Writing.

His artwork explores the relationship between creativity, cognition, and supernatural experience through the mediums of writing, drawing, screen printing, sound sculpture, acrylic vinyl, Plexiglas, light, and sound – often co-opting non-traditional fine art mediums such as blacklight paint as a visual cue for intangible concepts such as the unconscious or otherworldly.

The focus of each art series often trend towards esoteric subjects, stemming from his lifelong interest in psychology, liminal states, and neuroscience along with their tenuous relationship with reported paranormal experiences such as hauntings, abductions, astral projection, psychic phenomenon, and other dubious topics.

He lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

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