The Knots In My Stomach | Tere Garcia and Victoria Paige Gonzalez

April 7th, 2017  |  Published in EXHIBITIONS, PAST EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS

May 20 – July 8, 2017 Exhibitions
Opening Reception, Saturday, May 20, 2017, 7 – 9 PM

The Knots In My Stomach | Tere Garcia and Victoria Paige Gonzalez
Window BOX

Tere Garcia and Victoria Paige Gonzalez have been working as a collaborative group for the past two years. Their recent work, The Knots In My Stomach, consists of two window installations that use the images of women marketed through ritual and food. In conversation are metaphorical characters, the Desatadorx de Nudos, “Commoditxs,” and a Seamstress. They play an essential part of illustrating a resistance through the language and performance of our individual and collective identities.

The window fronts act as a way to reflect those seen while driving in the neighborhood passing botánicas, carnicerías, mercados, and boutiques. Gonzalez and Garcia break down the image of women used in the advertisements, by using “x” to degenderize the ultimate vision, the Virgen. Across the street where the echoes of “¡Mírame, mírame!” can be heard mimic those of a child calling for attention to “look at me” for who I really am.

The work can be viewed outside the Window BOX of BOX 13 and right above the garden of Josefina’s quinceañera boutique across the street on Cesar Chavez.

Tere Garcia is a Houston-based artist. In 2016, she graduated from the University of Houston with a BFA in Photography/Digital Media. Garcia works in a variety of media: video, sculpture, installation, traditional and digital photography. Her performances are a means of self-expression and a way to identify hidden qualities of her character. The performances also help her to better understand reality and to express her interpretation of the world. Her first group show was in 2012, since then she has exhibited at The Houston Center for Photography, Blaffer Art Museum, HCC Central Fine Art Gallery, Fotofest participating spaces, Rudolph Blume Fine Art Gallery, and Studio Tonali in Los Angeles, CA.

Victoria Paige Gonzalez is a multi-media artist working between Texas and Colorado. She works with materials as a means of storytelling. Often times using plants, darkness, performance, installation, language, and photography to communicate unrevealed truths. Her body of work is always in a state of transformation. Like in any garden, there are endless cycles of growth, death, and reformation. Gonzalez uses this metaphor as a means to express her current relationship with her cultural history and the way she shifts herself in the roles she navigates. Gonzalez’ work has been exhibited in Boston and Houston galleries such as the Houston Center for Photography, Alabama Song, Blaffer Museum, Rudolph Blume Artscan Gallery, El Rincon Social, and Suffolk University. Her series, “Pleasure Kitchen,” was selected as 2015 Carol Crow Memorial Fellowship Honorable Mention. In 2016, she graduated from University of Houston with a BFA in Photography and Digital Media, with a minor in Interdisciplinary Art. She now lives in Denver, CO. where she enjoys getting lost in the city by foot and following the snake-like curvature of the highways through the majestic landscape of the Rocky Mountains.

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