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August 21st, 2013  |  Published in RESIDENT ARTISTS

logo150Residents of BOX 13
have the chance to work with complete freedom to show challenging, non-commercial installations, performances and video. They curate shows, work with curators and artists in preparing, hosting and deinstalling exhibitions. At the same time they are building grass roots support networks within the Houston and surrounding areas.


 BOX 13 is currently accepting new member applications. Please read all the information below and then click here to fill the form out online.

Box 13 Officers

Emily Link

Vice President
Kristy Peet

Jessica Kreutter

Janine Hughes

Cinthia Gomez

Current Residents

Past Residents

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To become a resident of BOX 13, artists must schedule an appointment for an interview with current artist residents and be prepared to bring evidence of a professional career in the visual or performing arts (slides, cd, dvd, or other visuals), plus personal references and a commitment to support the activities of BOX 13. It is imperative that you visually and mentally engage us with your application material. Most residents are people that another current resident is familar with, so it is recommended that you introduce yourself and talk to members at openings, events and other venues.
Artists accepted into residence actively participate in the operation, maintenance and promotion of BOX 13. Each artist receives a workspace as part of residence/membership. Resident workspaces range from $125 to $650 per month based on square footage plus an annual contribution of artwork(s) to BOX 13.

To set up an appointment to interview, meet the other residents, and come and look at the space please email Kristy Peet. Interviews are normally conducted during monthly member meetings the 15th of each month.

New residents are encouraged to jump in, bring new ideas or develop old ones and inspire the direction BOX 13 takes. If you have experience as a curator, with exhibitions, art writing, carpentry skills, grant writing, etc. please make this evident when you apply.

Term of Residency is six (6) months

  • Residencies are renewable based on annual review and fulfillment of Residency Qualifications.
  • Reviews will be held during regularly scheduled monthly Resident meetings. Renewed Residency shall be granted upon a majority vote of current Residents in good standing.

Residency at BOX 13 is a commitment. We need innovative, dynamic residents who are self directed to be active in our gallery operations, events, projects and fundraising.

Our residents commit to:

  • actively pursue expanding their body of work
  • actively participate in the mission and maintenance of BOX 13
  • participates on a minimum of one BOX work team
  • attend a monthly workday and resident meeting
  • attend monthly resident meeting
  • attend openings
  • donate a piece of artwork(s) annually with a minimum value of $1000
  • pay first and last month dues upon entry into residency
  • maintain studio space in good, clean condition and upon vacating the space, return it to its original or improved condition
  • meet financial responsibilities of monthly dues in a timely and consistent manner


  • exhibit work with the freedom to show challenging, non-commercial installations, performances, video and more in the Upstairs BOX
  • curate an exhibition
  • work with curators and artists in preparing, hosting, and deinstalling exhibitions
  • build a grass roots support network within the Houston art scene. We are dedicated to discussing new ideas, collaborating, challenging and supporting one another.


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